• SpecialOperationsTrooper

    Hey, I'm Sebastian. I love wolves. Especially the Mongolian Wolves. Black Death, baby!

    I've been messing up and putting snake pages in here. You guys gotta delete those.

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  • Clayton Anthony

    Wolf wiki

    March 21, 2016 by Clayton Anthony

    We need to add more info about wolves. Like the extinct and extant species, their behavior, looks,scientific names and whatever else I'm forgetting. All I see so far is pages about extant species. 

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  • Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards

    Hi. I am a friend of AlphaWolfJed and KateWolf. I am very common on the Alpha And Omega fanon.

    Wolves are fascinating creatures. I am currently studying wolf biology so I can takes classes. After reading in a 2010 Wolf info journal; there are less than 200, 000 left. I want to start a class of my own to help save the wolves. I have written stories, journals and presentations about wolves. I can to get people intersted. The more people who like wolves, the better. So we should all pitch in to help, we can all make a difference. Wolves are creatures that cannot go extinct, they keep the balance in our ecosystems, and control the population of rodents. Do anything you can to help.

    I will take messages.

    Your friend,


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  • AlphaWolfJed

    Hey, I'm KateWolf's friend. I'm from a Fanon wiki made by her, I accidentally stumbled here through her profile page here. xD Well, anyway; I've been waiting for someone to make a Wolf wiki as well. And when I have time, I'll also contribute to this wiki from time to time, adding documentaries and other wolf-related info to expand this! :)

    And yes, wolves are amazing creatures. They've been one of my favorite animals since childhood.

    See you guys sometime!

    -Your best wolf


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  • KateWolf

    Hi Everyone !

    June 14, 2011 by KateWolf

    Hey I'm KateWolf. This my first wiki. I go to many others. I was really exited when I found a wiki for my favorite animals ... WOLVES !!! Anyways I'm going to build up this wiki an later I'll try to adopy=t it. It eems like there isn't any admin at the moment and any way BYE ! KateWolf 16:03, June 14, 2011 (UTC)

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