Sawtooth Pack reveals the true nature of Wolves

The Sawtooth Pack was a wolf pack that started out with Jim and Jamie Dutcher in 1991 to 1996. The pack were considered the first Ambassadors of Wolves to Humans. Most knowledge we know of wolves presumably came from this special pack.

To learn about the complete Sawtooth pack, watch the "Wolves At Our Door" documentary.

Pack MembersEdit

The pack had been told you have 11 pack members in 1996.

  • Kamots(Kuh-MOTZ) is the Alpha Male of the pack.
  • Chemukh(cha-MUCK) is the Alpha Female of the pack.
  • Matsi(MOT-zee) is the Beta of the pack.
  • Motomo(Muh-TOE-moe) is a Gamma of the pack.
  • Amani(Uh-MAH-knee) is a Gamma of the pack.
  • Wahots(Wah-HOTZ) is a Gamma of the pack.
  • Wyakin(Why-AH-kin) is a Gamma of the pack.
  • Lakota(Lah-COAT-ah) is the Omega of the pack.