In wolf pack, there are four subcatagories. They are Alphas, Betas, Subordinates and Omegas.

Alpha WolvesEdit

Alpha wolves are the pack leaders. They are in charge of the whole pack. There are two Alpha wolves in one pack, an unrelated male and female. They are the only ones who repopulate in a pack. They mark their subordinates so that they know that they may not have pups. The Alpha male is usally the wolf who leads the pack's hunts while the Alpha female cares for the pups.

Beta WolvesEdit

Beta wolves are the second wolves in a group. They act like "second in command" forr Alpha wolves, but they are not necessarily successors to the Alphas. They are respected by the lower ranks. They usally along with the Alphas go on hunts.

Subordinate WolvesEdit

Subordinate wolves are neither Alphas, Betas, or Omegas. They are of course Subordinates. They are only domminant to the lowest social class, the Omegas.  They are often yearlings to two years old.  Males usually leave their pack to form a new one with a mate.

Omega WolvesEdit

Omegas are at the very botttom of the pack and show no domminance over other wolves. Some of them are cowardly. Most of them are just as playful as puppies.They usualy get scraps and bones to eat. Although some do, not every pack has an Omega wolf.  In fact, most Omega wolves move on after a little while in their pack. LL wus here