Wolf puppies are usually born in spring. Their mothers are always Alpha wolves. When the puppy develops a bit more (opens its eyes, starts to hear) it gets cometiteve.

A couple pups

First BornEdit

When a pup is born, they are blind and deaf. Their mother must stay in the den with them for a few weeks before taking leave for food. During that time, the Alpha male would hunt and bring food for them.

A Week OldEdit

Pups will start to gain vision, their weight will increase two times from when they're born. They still rely on their mother's milk at this age.

Two Weeks OldEdit

They begin to hear, their visions are clear. Their fur grows more and they are nearly old enough to go out of the den.

A Month OldEdit

The pups are now able to venture out, their personalities will develop and that will determine their rank in the future. The ones that tends to shy away and get's teased by it's siblings are usually the future Omegas of the pack. On the other hand, the adventurous, curious and leader-like ones will be Alphas in the future.

Signs of Personality and future rankEdit

After about a month or so, they start to develop their own personalities that will then assign their future ranks.